PicsArt, the most professional photo editing app_ljx

PicsArt, the most professional photo editing app

#PicsArt Photo Studio#, one of the #best photo editing app#, has many functionality to cover adequately, but here goes: time lapse, burst, front and back cameras, effects, remove remove remove peel off stickers, abilities, collage, drawing (on photo, blank, or background), thematic contests, photo search, Facebook integration (find pals, publish), artists listing, networking as well as other artists (account profile, fans, notices, fans, likes, techniques for fans), gallery of interesting recent photos, and labeled photos.

#PicsArt# might be a sharp and complicated app with elevated functionality than you’d ever expect within the mobile app. Teens and grown ups will uncover an area to produce beautiful photography and digital art in addition to go over and become grateful obtaining a residential district of like-minded artists. Drawing mode is nearly as amazing with a lot of features and controls which causes it to be quite accurate acquiring a stylus. Less arty features like collage still offer enough choices to keep fans happy. The most effective integration with Facebook might discourage people who shouldn’t supply their pals to every service on the web, but people deep into artistic hobbies will properly be grateful.

Besides the usage of some iffy content, the smallest nitpicky complaints are that sights are once in some time too cramped, navigation can also be confusing or redundant, together with the main page layout follows recent panel-style trends for that hindrance. Don’t get worried, any app applying this much punch won’t help but fall reduced small ways every so often.

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How to care for your nape hair

How to care for your nape hair

No matter how long my hair grows in the front, I always find that my nape hair tends to be significantly shorter. My hair is about one inch shy of bra strap length in the front and the back is 1 2 inches shorter.

The nape area, often referred to as the kitchen, is the hair closest to your neck. For many curlies and kinkies, the nape hair tends to be a different texture. Of course, this is true for me too. The hair near my nape area is coarse and kinky, while the hair towards the front of my head is curly and fine. This makes my nape hair
Brazilian Hair Suppliers more challenging to detangle and style.

I noticed before I went natural, that my beautician would often forget and neglect my hair when washing and conditioning it possibly because my nape was on the shampoo bowl. My nape was often an after thought right before I would get up to move to the next station. Maybe I subconsciously allowed this behavior to come home with me? How else could my nape hair be shorter? I did an even big chop, so what could be the cause?

So I decided to remain unbiased and think about some questions to ask myself to determine how to fix this problem.

1. How are you tying your scarf?

I wear a silk scarf to bed and under head wear. I tend to tie the scarf tight with a bow or knot in the back. This sometimes causes the scarf to cut into the nape area. To combat this, you could switch up how you tie your scarf. Position the scarf so that the scarf is on the back of your head and you have to tie the bow or knot in the front.

Materials like wool, cotton and polyester can suck the moisture out of our already dry hair. Try to find hats with silk or satin linings. Or wear your silk scarf or bonnet up under your hat. Remember the technique above or wear a bonnet.

3. Do you wear ponytails or buns frequently?

This could potentially cause breakage on your nape and edges. Your hairline suffers when your hair is pulled tightly. So before you decide to wear a high bun, determine if that is the best option for your hairline.

4. What temperature is your flat iron on? How often are you going over your hair with the flat iron?

Do you have to go over your nape hair repeatedly to get it straight? Use non heat methods to stretch your hair before you straighten it. This will save your hair and your time.

5. Is your hair rubbing against your shoulders?

Protect your hair from rubbing against your shoulders and clothing. Try to keep your hair off of your neck, especially when it is shoulder length. Also, in colder temps, keep your nape area away from your warm and fuzzy scarves.

Don’t feel discouraged if you discovered that you’ve been neglecting your nape. Remain proactive and implement these ideas in your routine. Treat the nape of your hair
wholesale wigs delicately and it will return the love.

Robyn is a tenured natural with three years behind her since she big chopped. She spends part of her days wondering how to combine her two loves, natural hair and health fitness. The rest
wholesale virgin hair of her time she spends guiding other naturals who’ve already committed to the journey and offering an unbiased opinion to the ones that are still unsure.

Best android music free download app, Gaana app

Best android music free download app, Gaana app

If your are a true lover of music you will be familiar of
gaana app is one of the best music app for smartphones.There are other music apps like
Wynk, Humgama etc. but according to me one should prefer Because on this site we have wide range of songs.I was downloaded this app from Play store, and soon found that there are free version in
Android App Store. I signed up this website so that I have an account to keep my favorite songs list. The app has so many collections of old classics and new songs. I enjoyed a lot this app.

As a telugu songs listener I collected my all time favorite music directors Ilayaraja and A.R.Rehman’s songs. One more thing I like very much there are the collections of top hero’s and top music directors. They didn’t stopped there they had created collections of top singer from all languages. Whatever the songs you have listened more time’s they keep all those collection in separate list. So that whenever you sign in the app they will appear in the priority list.With all good features I’m enjoying this app a lot and also referred this site to many of my friends.

Compared to other music apps like
Wynk Music, Gaana app is very fascinating and eye-catching and easy to operate too. You can log in into this app through a Facebook or Google .For 1 month we get free subscription of this app through which we can listen offline too. We can create our own playlist and can search any for any songs. We can also broadcast our playlist on the radio channels through this app. But this app works efficiently only if we have good internet speed mostly 3G.

Gaana brings collections of bollywood, hollywood, tollywood, marathi, etc.and more than 21 language songs are available on Overall best
music download app for all music lovers.

New Advancements in FDA Approved Successful Hair Loss Treatments

New Advancements in FDA Approved Successful Hair Loss Treatments

The only non governmental organization recognized by the FDA as knowledgeable on the subject of alopecia (hair loss) is the American Hair Loss Association. This organization carries out education, research and demonstrates a constant commitment to education the public on matters of alopecia for men and women.It is interesting to note that the American Hair Loss Association and the FDA both advise the public not to purchase any treatments unless the FDA specifically approves them. Any medication approved by the FDA will be clearly marked on packaging of the approved product.The scientific name for hair loss is alopecia, which literally means hair loss. There are many causes or reasons for hair loss and the word alopecia applies to all of them. dollars every year.In addition to the sale of worthless "snake oil" medications, an industry promising success using some non medicinal processes has also improperly thrived at the same time. According to the FDA, only one surgical possibility not based on treatment by medication is as follows. If there is a close enough genetic match between donor and recipient, or if enough hair, of the right type, is present on the back of the recipients own head some success can be seen with surgical transplant.Some other advertised procedures consistently fail to mention the necessity for genetically matched hair is the key to the processes they promote. In other words, they also do not work as advertised.To complicate matters even more, the hair loss treatments, recently discovered and approved by the FDA, are not the same for male and female victims of alopecia.Women cannot safely utilize treatments recently approved for men. Changes of hormonal balance resulting from use of the approved medication are the reason.The reason there is now an approved treatment for alopecia in men is purely coincidental. Side effects observed during drug testing for treatment of other male medical problems indicated possible advancements in hair loss treatments.Development proceeded on an alopecia specific version of the drug as soon as FDA approval for use in men was in hand. This cut the development and testing time by nearly 80 percent. Without the coincidental observation of hair growth during testing for other reasons, development for alopecia would never have occurred.The non brand generic name
wholesale virgin brazilian hair for the FDA approved drug to treat alopecia is Finasteride. It was during FDA approval testing for this drug that unexpected hair growth appeared. This drug is only available by prescription under a patent protected brand name for the effective treatment of alopecia, specifically male pattern baldness.The exciting news about this break
wholesale hair through treatment for hair loss is the following. More than 86 percent of men taking this pill form medication experienced a stop in hair loss. Even better is the result that more than 65 percent of men in test trials not only had hair loss come to a stop, they had significant increase in the growth of new hair.For men not experiencing a stop in hair loss using Finasteride there is another medication to try. The non brand generic name of this medication is Loniten, which actually received FDA approval before Finasteride. For the men that have success with Finasteride, this drug does not work. Medical trials with Loniten did show limited success for men that had little or no success using Finasteride.So medical science has finally given many men hope in controlling hair loss. Early diagnosis of alopecia is the key to receiving the most success in treating hair loss of the male pattern baldness type.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Cool Brown Lightening For Darker Hair

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Cool Brown Lightening For Darker Hair

Going From Black Hair To Cool BrownRecently I came across a new product by Garnier Nutrisse. This new haircolor, made especially for darker hair, lightens your hair without the brassiness. I’ve wanted to lighten my hair for a while now, but hesitated because my natural black hair is very thick and hard to lighten without looking orange. I’ve tried products in the past that ended up looking horrible. So, after two weeks of thinking about Garnier’s new product, I finally took a leap of faith and purchased Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in cool brown (B1) for just under $6. There is a lighter brown color available, golden brown cafe (B3), but I wasn’t ready to go that light.

Before Applying The ProductMy dark hair had not been colored for over two years so I was confident my hair would react well with the product. For the most part, recently dyed hair will not absorb color well, especially if the hair color is dark. Hair color products usually recommend waiting a few weeks before coloring your hair again, but I’ve found that with my thick hair I have to wait months before my hair is ready to by dyed again.

My biggest concern was ending up with orange hair that looked brassy in the light. I’ve lightened my hair before and it looked great inside my house, but once I stepped out into the sunlight my hair looked like a big pumpkin. I did not want that to happen again. So,after reading a few good reviews, I decided to give Garnier Nutrisse Ulta Lightening Color a shot. According to their website, "Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Lightening Browns is supposed to make dark hair up to four shades lighter without the brassiness and is exclusively designed to transform darker hair with visibly reflective, intense tones, while providing triple nourishment of avocado, olive shea for richer, shinier, silkier hair." It sounded good, but would the product deliver these amazing results?

Carefully read the instructions before applying product.

You may want to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before applying product.

Everyone has different hair. What works for me may not work for others the same way.

Get old towels ready in case it gets messy.

Remove your nice bath mats and towels from the bathroom.

Cover your sink area and floor with old towels in case hair mixture falls. It can stain.

wholesale brazilian hair ApplicationGarnier recommends applying the hair mixture to dry,
hair vendors unwashed hair. I recommend not using any hair products the day of application, it may not react well with the product. I followed the instructions and combined the ingredients to make the lightening mixture. I put on the gloves provided in the kit and began to shake the bottle away from my face. After shaking the bottle for a few minutes I noticed the mixture looked white and thick. Garnier mentions in the directions the mixture may turn a darker color during application, but this is not indicative of the color results. I then applied the mixture only to my hair lengths and ends, making sure to save some of the mixture for my roots. The mixture is left on hair lengths and ends for exactly 20 minutes. Later, after the 20 minutes is completed, you finish the process by applying the rest
wholesale wigs of the mixture to the roots and wait an additional 10 minutes. The total length of time for the lightening process is 30 minutes.

Kit includes only gloves for application

Mixture is creamy, not a foam

Be mindful to saturate the hair

Make sure mixture is evenly applied

Use a mirror to check the hair in back

During the first 20 minutes I did not notice any color change to my hair lengths and ends, but during the last 10 minutes, after applying the mixture to my roots, I began to notice a slight color change, especially at the top of my head. Follow the directions! Your roots absorb the color quickly and will begin to lighten immediately. Also, light reflects off the top of your head, creating the illusion of lighter hair. Do not exceed the recommended length of time.

After exactly 30 minutes I rinsed the mixture out of my hair. The mixture had turned a dark brown color during the processing time so I made sure to rinse my hair until the water was clear. I shampooed my hair and applied the conditioner provided in the kit. I left the conditioner on for five minutes and then rinsed. My hair felt silky and smooth, almost healthier than before the lightening process.

When I looked at my wet hair in the mirror I did not notice a big difference in my hair color. Only the very top looked slightly lighter, but after a quick blow dry I instantly noticed a HUGE difference. As you can see from the picture below, my hair turned out at least two shades lighter.

haired women rinse their hair with ground sage

haired women rinse their hair with ground sage

Sometimes Sacramento women, like women in other cities, seem to be concerned about how they will be received with white hair. While men whose hair turns white in their forties or younger are distinguished on television and in the public eye, it’s the rare woman who can reach those heights on television sporting naturally white hair or hair that’s white in the front and grayish black in the back, except for a few celebrities. Paula Deen is one celebrity who made gray or white hair famous.

A few other actresses have appeared with white hair in movies. Examples include celebrities such as Stacy London and Meryl Streep. Meryl appears with white hair in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. These celebrities exhibit to viewers that gray hair can be sophisticated and beautiful at any age. Men such as Anderson Cooper with white hair appear attractive. Can society accept white haired women as attractive without changing the color?

What if the woman wears colorful clothing sporting white hair instead of drab clothing and colorful hair? White hair is a gender issue when women are asked to tint and white haired men are not asked to change hair color to hold a job in the public eye, especially a job related to media or what used to be called in the workplace, "front office appearance." How can women wear white hair and still look like distinguished experts instead of being addressed by strangers in the street as "hey, mama." Granny dolls help children accept white hair on adults. So does Santa Claus images. See Gray Hairstyles Pictures of Gray Hair on Celebrities.

Speaking of herbs, remember bi coastal Sacramento retiree, the late Sally Tucker? This artist used to tint her white hair a muted ash blond using the herb, sage. Here’s how to tint your white hair using only food, for example, natural herbs or spices.

The color should be muted and natural looking and be such that the white roots wouldn’t show obviously after several weeks, but delicately blend in with the
wholesale wigs surrounding colors. In Sacramento you can grow sage in a container or in your yard. Native Americans in Sacramento for hundreds of years also used sage as a fragrance, like incense. Basically, you apply a mixture of sage and water as a paste to your hair, wrap it in a loose shower cap, wait one or two hours, and rinse it out.

With white hair, test the hair every 10 minutes until you get the shade you want. Sage generally will darken white hair slightly, but every hair type is different. The color usually is temporary, but if your hair is porous enough, the color will remain longer.

The herbs and spices selected had to have no stimulant effect on the body. Here are some color warnings. Never use turmeric on white hair. Never use carrot juice on white hair. Don’t even use black tea on white hair as it streaks it a phony orange color.

Never use beet juice on white hair. Carrot juice and beet juice are great rinses for naturally red hair, not hair that has been tinted auburn, strawberry blond, or red. Also if your hair is naturally dark brown or black, beet
facebook besthairbuy and carrot juice rinses are fine as the ‚red’ absorbed won’t show up on black or dark brown hair, except, perhaps as highlights. Don’t use beet juice or carrot juice if you have any gray hair.

Just use sage and water or chamomile and water. Sample on a lock of hair first. If your hair is mostly brown with a few white streaks, black tea diluted with lots of water may also help to mute the color and drab it somewhat to make it look more natural. But sage is your best bet. Be aware that individual hair will respond in different ways to herbs such as sage or any type of tea or chamomile infusions. And always check first for allergies to any herb or tea before you put it on your hair.

Never use orange henna on white hair. All these neon bright colors turn white hair a flashing artificial looking super bright yellow or orange. Carrot juice is meant as a rinse only for naturally red hair or dark brown/black hair. Henna is meant for dark hair dark brown or black. And turmeric is meant for black or dark brown hair only.

Before the late Sally Tucker could recommend to others herbs to tint white hair, the herbs chosen had to be neutral in effect or calming, and not capable of raising blood pressure or stimulating the body in a way that would promote nervousness, seizures, panic attacks, or organ problems in the elderly, in epileptics, or in people who are sensitive to stimulants. Don’t use rosemary on your hair, as this herb is a circulatory and nervine stimulant. See the site, Rosemary.

Always research the effect of spices and herbs on the body or on your particular condition before using them. The process also emphasized using natural, organic herbs and spices and not artificial hair tints containing substances known to change the electrical or chemical systems or the organs in the body. To comply with requirements, choose to use dried, powdered (or crushed and ground) chamomile, sage, turmeric, and cinnamon.

What food items such as herbs will you need?

Sage (ground) (for all white hair)

Chamomile (also good on all white hair)

Black Tea diluted in water (for brown hair that’s partly white)

Caution: Don’t use turmeric on white or gray hair as it will turn your hair a horrible, bright, clownish, glowing yellow. Sage alone with water will produce a dark ash blond to light ash blond shade on some people’s white hair. It may or may not work well on your individual hair. But at least it washes out.

Tea produces tea colored white hair if the hair is porous and actually absorbs the tea coloring. Be careful your hair won’t turn pink. Cut a lock of hair off first and try it first in the sage and then in the tea or other spice or herb. Don’t put a solution on your entire head. Snip of a lock of hair and test the herbs out on the lock of hair.

In a pot of water containing about a quart of cool water add a half cup of sage and three tea bags of chamomile tea. Also, if you want, add a small pinch of cinnamon for a ‚caramel’ colored muted hue. Simmer the liquid for 30 minutes. Then let the liquid stand for two hours to cool.

Strain the liquid. Finally, pour the brownish brew twice over white hair and let it dry for several hours. A good combing removes some of the grains of sage. Finally, rinse twice with clear water and pat your hair dry with a towel.

The results will be different on each person. On most, the white hair may turn a very muted light ash blond. The gray hair usually becomes a darker blond with some gold and cinnamon highlights. And if you have some ash brown hair that did not turn gray naturally, it probably will remain brown. The colors blend and look natural.

You can leave out the cinnamon and turmeric if you wish. Please don’t use too much turmeric as it turns white hair an artificially looking bright yellow and looks like a clown’s wig. The most natural colors come from the sage which seems to make white hair a natural light ash brown or blond hue. Chamomile also is gentle to white and blond hair. Different results may occur. That’s why it’s wise to first try the herb bath on a lock of hair.

Notice that each time you put a mixture of sage boiled in water on your white or gray hair, your hair will keep getting darker, and you may end up with muted light brown hair. Some herbs wash out and others remain in porous hair.

Herbalists suggest that sage be used on brunette hair. On white hair, used only one time, it produced (on me) a natural appearing shade of ash blond. Let the mixture stay on your hair at least two hours before rinsing it out. If your hair is very porous, it quickly will absorb a lot more color. Often, white hair becomes dry and porous and will absorb color from any herb faster than if your hair is naturally dark.

Use spices, teas, or herbs on your hair at your own risk. Find out first if you’re allergic to or have any other reaction to the herbs and spices or other materials mentioned in this article that you choose to use. It’s all about wise folk traditions in food being used to gently color and condition hair. Sometimes the herb won’t take on resistant hair. Other times, porous hair will absorb more of the herb.

Each person may have a different reaction to this solution. The next time you cut your hair, save a lock of hair to experiment with different herbs. Try sage first. See how the result remains on a lock of your own hair that you test out by trying different herbs and spices and then shampooing several times.

Does the color remain or rinse out? Usually herbal colors last about two weeks. Don’t use herbs to tint or dye clothing, as colors usually wash out, sometimes in streaks, from clothing. Here are some herb tinting tips you may want to consider. Before you tint your hair with herbs or herbal teas and infusions, put on old clothing that is black in color in case the herbs stain your clothing. Or use a lot of black or navy blue towels. You don’t know how the herbs
wholesale hair will stain different types of fabrics or whether the stains will wash out of clothing.

Choose an herb that makes a tea similar to the shade you want.

Try a spice or herb that colors a lock of your hair the shade you like and see how many shampoos it will take before it washes out.

Beauty Trend or Dangerous Beauty

Beauty Trend or Dangerous Beauty

Hair extensions have become the must have accessory of celebrities and starlets on the red carpet and in magazines.

Now more and more women are following suit and using the extensions at home and work. Some as young as 19 are experiencing the dangerous side effects that come with trying to transform one’s natural hair with hair pieces that make their hair longer and fuller.

"We have patients who are in their early 20s come in after wearing for six months or one year, and they actually have bald spots," Dr. Eric Schweiger, a New York City dermatologist, told "Good Morning America."

Doctors say people particularly at risk for damage from are those with already thin or weak hair, or with a pre existing medical condition, like anemia.

Hair extensions, in which hair is attached onto a person’s existing hair or scalp by either weaving, gluing or clipping it on, may cause little damage to some women but, for others, the hairpieces can cause nightmarish results.

Twenty two year old Maya Ramos of Delray Beach, Fla., experienced the dark side of firsthand after she began using clip on extensions to make her shoulder length hair longer and fuller.

Just three months after her extension adventure began, Ramos saw signs of trouble.

"My hair was really falling and falling," she told "GMA." "I was shedding a lot of hair in the back toward the extensions."

The damage caused by the extensions, which she described as "heavy" and "uncomfortable," was so severe that Ramos feared the worst.

"I was freaking out," she said. "I thought I was going to lose my hair by the time I was 30."

Concerned, Ramos sought the help of a hair loss expert.

The specialist diagnosed Ramos with traction alopecia, a form of gradual hair loss caused primarily by a pulling force being applied to the hair. Within a year of quitting the extensions, Ramos’ hair, much to her relief, had grown back.

Not so lucky is Chioma Odimegwu of New York City. Odimegwu is considering a hair transplant at the age of 25 after six years of using resulted in permanent hair loss.

Odimegwu began using 14 inch glue in extensions at the age of 19. When the extensions caused her hair to thin, she had a professional stylist apply tie on extensions to cover the hair loss.

The new extensions worsened the problem, and Odimegwu’s hair loss spiraled out of control.

"When I took (the new extensions) out, my whole head of hair was very, very thin," she told "GMA" of her post extensions appearance.

Odimegwu tried a host of doctor
facebook besthairbuy recommended products, including female Rogaine, in an effort to re grow her hair,and worked to cover her hair loss in other ways.

"I wear lots of hats," she said. "And really fat headbands."

Ramos and Odimegwu are not alone. Even celebrities are experiencing difficulties related to .

"Nothing destroys your hair faster than ," Jennifer Aniston, whose own shag style cut in the ’90s sparked a worldwide hair craze, told Harper’s Bazaar magazine in a 2006 interview. "I decided to have a couple of extensions, never knowing you end up with 400 things in your hair that cause your hair to break off."

As Hair Extensions’ Popularity Grows, So Too Does the DebateAdvocates of , like New York stylist Angelo David, argue that extensions are still a great asset, and option, for any woman provided they are installed and worn correctly.

"Everybody can wear ," he told "GMA." "You just need to wear extensions that fit your head."

His eponymous New York City salon does a brisk business, outfitting women with long locks and custom made extensions.

David takes pains to make certain his extensions are appropriate for a woman’s individual hair type so that extensions are neither too heavy or too tight.

The couture offered at David’s salon cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of several thousand dollars.

David’s clients are thrilled with the results.

"I think that extensions add so much attractiveness to people," salon client Reilly Chaffin said. "I look at them and I think that I look so much better."

Something everyone from stylists like David, who favor , to doctors like Dr. Schweiger who remain skeptical of their safety, agree on is that women who choose to use extensions should do so with care and attention to detail.

"You need to create the right fit," said David. "The important thing is getting into the right extension."

Best Hair Straightener 2012

Best Hair Straightener 2012

It’s funny how you are getting ready to go out and your hair is unmanageable. There are times when all you can do is tie your hair into a ponytail or hide them inside a hat/cap. We all have been through bad hair days and nothing we do, at that moment, can have saved us from being an embarrassment. The reason I am so confident in making this generalized statement is that even I have been through this situation, countless times, and have yet to find a permanent solution. Till the day us women can have perfect hair, at all times, I think we will just have to settle for temporary beauty and hair care solutions that have been invented by humankind.

Of course, not every woman on this planet has similar hair. The texture, length, color, volume, and type is unique. And on top of that, when you add styling into the mix, it feels like you’re dealing with a bit too much. Out of all the hair care products available in market, there is one method which guarantees silky, smooth hair every time. What is it? Hair straighteners. And that’s what we will be talking about in this article finding the best straightener that suits your hair texture and type. But that’s not all. In order to find one that is perfect for your hair texture and type, we have to go through a few stages. As you read the article, you will learn more about these stages.

Sometime ago, I thought that the plates in these machines were the same. Well, what a revelation that was. If you have been scouting beauty stores, then you are aware of the vast range of straighteners which are available. With different plate sizes (we’ll discuss on that in some time), shapes of the flat irons, material of the plates, and prices, no wonder the decision to find the best flat iron is so tough. So how can someone get the right straightener for their hair type? A good way to tackle this is by understanding what these various straighteners offer and how they can be most
wholesale virgin brazilian hair useful to you. Hence, before investing in a flat iron, first know what are the different plate materials available. Here’s an easy breakdown on the various plates available in market today.

Basic Irons These irons have metal plates and have limited or sometimes no additional settings included. These are often known as "no frills" models which aim to get your hair straight and nothing more. A major issue with these irons is that their heat settings are not controlled and can burn your hair, if not used properly. So my advice to you is try to stay away from such straightening irons. If you have dry or frizzy hair, you don’t want to dry them furthermore.

Ceramic Irons These irons have ceramic plates (one of the popular choices) that come in range of prices. It gives equal heat distribution and has less chances of burning hair. Ceramic irons have ceramic heaters in them which help in producing negative ions. This helps in keeping your hair shaft smooth and closes the hair follicles.

Titanium Irons These irons are supposedly strong and durable to use for an extended period of time. With even heat distribution, it helps straighten curls and waves easily; that too in a very short amount of time. Less amount of time used while straightening hair means, you use less electricity; a win win solution.

Tourmaline Irons These irons (I would personally call them one of the best flat irons out there) are used for styling, straightening, and managing hair the right way. They heat up really fast, don’t damage hair, and can be used on wet and dry hair (certain models). Tourmaline irons make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Ionic Irons These irons (very, very awesome flat irons) are made to remove frizz from your hair. They help in giving a beautiful shine to your hair as it locks the moisture in, instead of drying the hair out. These flat irons can be a bit pricey because they are so good. To achieve best results and keep your hair healthy and shiny, these are the best straighteners.

Selecting the right size is the key. It makes a heck of a difference in the way your hair looks, shines, and sets. Apart from the material of the flat iron, the plate size can also make a huge difference to the appearance of your hair. You go get ready for office, school, or a special event, along with wearing the right clothes and makeup, your hair also makes an important statement. When you’re searching for salon like results, you should concentrate more on high quality plates. And depending on the length of your hair and texture, choosing the right flat iron for you is essential.

and then there Molly

and then there Molly

Reminder: If you guys haven watched the intro to these episodes yet, you missing out. They as ridiculous as this season. I recommend watching before you read on.

The episode starts with Ashley I., the virgin who looks like a Kardashian from Chris Soules’ season and who cries all of the time, and Lauren, her sister, fighting because Lauren doesn want to be in anymore. She says, sweaty, I hot, I around people 24/7 I hate this, while crying hysterically, and I again wondering who raised these two women, because I never seen more tears shed in my life. And we only at week two.

Lauren tells the men that she was someone back at home, but apparently this guy isn married so she not actually a mistress. We see her cry and blow her nose for like 25 minutes and I still confused why she on this show. We learn that the only reason she would stay is if Joshua, the industrial welder from Kaitlyn season shows up.

And guess what? Joshua and all of his industrial welder tattoos have arrived.

FIRST DATE CARDIf you thought the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" seasons were ridiculous, you’re not only right, you’re also in for a treat, because "Bachelor in Paradise" is out of control. And I am happily here to recap every bit of it for you. You’re welcome.

Each week through the summer, there will be an episode.

If you thought the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" seasons were ridiculous, you’re not only right, you’re also in for a treat, because "Bachelor in Paradise" is out of control. And I am happily here to recap every bit of it for you. You’re welcome. pulls Joshua away immediately to tell him that he needs to choose her sister. I only have one brother, but I fairly certain he would never force a man to spend time with me as compensation for a rose on national TV.

We learn quickly that Tenley, who has been on the "Bachelor" franchise twice already, is also interested in Joshua, so she steals him away, and I distracted because Tenley hair and the humidity are worse enemies than Nick Viall and Shawn Booth, the final two on Kaitlyn season who hated each other.

‚The Bachelorette’ finale recap: Kaitlyn’s last rose goes to . Nick or Shawn? Abby Draper

Tonight’s episode, this season’s finale, is being recorded with a live audience because we have "After the
facebook besthairbuy Final Rose" immediately following. Chris Harrison and his fresh spray tan remind us that Kaitlyn’s season has been controversial and Nick and Shawn hate each other in case you had any time.

Tonight’s episode, this season’s finale, is being recorded with a live audience because we have "After the Final Rose" immediately following. That is how love works when you a part of the "Bachelor" franchise.

Ultimately, Joshua asks Tenley on the date and Lauren responds with, don know why this world is so awful to me. Which is a joke in itself.

Because the world is so awful to her and she misses her Lauren decides to pack her bags and go home, sending Ashley into a tizzy.

We get a moment with JJ and the camera, where he tells us, and girls is like water in California; it rare. I wish JJ was watching this season with me and several bottles of tequila. The man has jokes.


Before Joshua and Tenley go on their date, we are surprised at the arrival of Joe, my man from Kentucky who was also on Kaitlyn season. These guys may not have won Kaitlyn heart, but "Bachelor in Paradise" is certainly giving them the 16th minute of fame they hated Nick for.

Apparently, the theme this season is that when you show up, you get a date card. a few reminders that JJ hates Joe plus a comment from Joe calling out Clare, who really stirred things up on the last season of for being Joe finally asks Juelia, the girl with a daughter from Chris season, if she like to go on a date. This upsets Jonathan, the guy who looks like the pool boy from Blonde who I forgot was still there.

Joshua and Tenley start their date by taking shots of tequila, because neither of them wants to actually be on this date. In the beginning of their conversation, Joshua tells Tenley he was in college for five years, and now we know why he an industrial welder.

The cameras remind us that JJ and his aggressive arm tattoo are angry about this date. JJ spits out a few more words from the of the day calendar that Ian gave him. I can take this guy seriously with that tattoo and his tank top.

When Tenley and Joshua return from their date, JJ asks Tenley if she wants to go on a date and takes her aside to make out. Joshua may have taken her horseback riding, but JJ knows how to grab ass, which is a real date in "Bachelor" world.


Joe takes Juelia on a horseback ride, after which they jump into a river under a waterfall. Their conversation revolves around her kid. Joe responds to everything she says with proving that he just not that into her.

And Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About This Treatment

And Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About This Treatment

Let’s be real, most people only use hair masks to fix their severely dry locks or over processed colored strands. This deep conditioning treatment is like a last resort when it comes to at home hair care, especially if you’re nervous about what your stylist might do with those split ends.

Hair masks are just as beneficial, if not more so, than regular conditioners. Unlike a typical conditioner that rests on the surface of a strand, a hair mask works its way inside the hair cuticle. While the products boast repairing hair damage, regular application of a hair mask can "impart shine, help with manageability and work to nourish the cuticle," according to Joel Warren, master colorist and co founder of Warren Tricomi salons.

If you’ve ever wondered about the type of hair mask you should be using or whether you’re even applying it correctly, HuffPost Style interviewed four experts and got the answers to your most pressing questions. Here’s the lowdown.

Once your hair has split, repairing with a hair mask is impossible.

This is actually a common misconception, Marie Robinson Salon colorist and Wella Professionals ambassador Mark Debolt told us. "These masks act like a Band Aid to smooth and mend frayed ends. The only true remedy for split ends is a haircut appointment," said Debolt.

However, British celebrity hairstylist Mark Hill noted that using a mask regularly will disguise the damage by packing hair strands with moisture to make them feel thicker and stronger. He added, "It won’t cure them, but it will help prevent any more damage."

In order to know your hair mask needs, you must know your hair type.

For dry or wavy/curly hair that tends to frizz, Warren recommended masks that are intensely moisturizing. For thinner or flatter hair types, this pro suggested looking to masks with proteins to add strength.

People who have oily hair usually do not need a conditioning treatment unless their hair is badly damaged, according to Rachel Carter, a stylist at Dyer Posta salon in Kennesaw, Georgia. They should use a wash in/wash out treatment since a hair mask can cause the hair to become oilier.

Even though there are different hair masks for different hair types and textures, you should really read the ingredients label.

Debolt’s favorite hair masks are comprised of unique combinations of oils like almond oil (very hydrating but lightweight and great for finer hair types), jojoba oil (best for fragile, dry ends and highlighted hair) and panthenol (derived from Vitamin B5 that binds with water molecules to moisturize dehydrated hair).

Hill said he also favors argan oil for its nourishing and moisturizing properties that leave hair healthy, smooth and shiny, as well as these three ingredients:

Wheat proteins aids penetration and helps prevent breakage; great for any hair type and particularly finer textures.

Keravis increases the strength of the hair and protects from heat; best for damaged hair due to heat styling tools.

Bamboo/fern extract gives structure and strength to the hair; those with fine hair will benefit the most.

Hair masks made of henna work wonders for restoring moisture naturally, but beware of build up.

"There are several benefits to using henna hair masks," said Warren. "First, the plant produces
besthairbuy facebook a natural, temporary ingredient from its leaf called lawsone, which binds with proteins and helps to seal the cuticle and prevent split ends. Henna also has cooling and conditioning properties that soothe the scalp and prevent itchiness and dandruff, while intensely nourishing the hair."

However, Debolt told us we shouldn’t get too entranced by the subtle glimmer of tint henna imparts because an accumulation of henna can handicap a colorist’s ability to add highlights.

Do it yourself hair masks really work but it depends on the concoction.

"Hair masks are all about moisture," explained Warren. "There are plenty of ingredients found in your kitchen that can be applied to the hair to hydrate it, such as yogurt, mayonnaise, honey and olive oil."

Carter advised us to make sure to completely shampoo your homemade mask out when you are finished. Nobody wants to sleep on messy sheets or pillows.

To get optimal results, this is how you should apply hair masks:

First, shampoo as you normally would. "The warm water opens up the cuticles on your hair. This allows the mask to penetrate into the hair’s structure (a regular conditioner only tends to sit on the outside of your hair),"
facebook besthairbuy said Hill.

Then towel dry hair and choose the best hair mask for your needs. Spread the product evenly onto locks, from roots to ends, and comb through with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Carter’s pro tip: those with flat and fine hair types should apply masks to the ends to avoid weighing the hair down.

For maximum benefits, Warren recommends leaving hair masks on for 20 30 minutes and covering your head with a warm towel. If hair is extremely damaged, try leaving it on overnight. To remove, rinse with cool water and re shampoo/condition.

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